Solid Fuel Heating Fire Safety
Date: 07/06/2015

Safety Guidelines for Solid-Fuel Burning Appliances
Date: 10/12/2009

Home Fire Safety Tips
Date: 08/27/2009

Replace Outdated Fire Extinguishers
Date: 04/03/2007

Fire ExtinguisherFire Extinguishers

Don’t be caught empty handed! We sell fire extinguishers to our members. We sell multipurpose ABC rated fire extinguishers. An extinguisher with an ABC rating is suitable for use with fires involving ordinary combustibles, flammable liquids and energized electrical equipment. The aluminum valves are solid metal. They feature large, long and comfortable operating levers and carrying handles designed for many years of service.

Size Price
5 lb $50.00
10 lb $70.00